Vinton Construction


Vinton Construction Company began as a family owned business incorporated in the state of Michigan in 1931. Brothers Carl F. Vinton of Coldwater, Michigan, William U. Vinton of Manitowoc, Wisconsin and good friend Elmer C. Dreyer of Indiana were the founding stockholders and directors. Vinton Construction Company was licensed to work in Michigan and Wisconsin.

In the late 1940’s, Vinton Construction Company was awarded a large concrete paving job in Waupun, Wisconsin. The company transported its equipment by carferry across Lake Michigan to Manitowoc, Wisconsin, which later became the company’s headquarters.

In 1961, William Vinton bought out his brother Carl and with William’s wife Martha and son, Robert, became the sole owners of Vinton Construction Company. William Vinton passed away in 1970. Robert L. Vinton succeeded his father as president of the company. In 1972, James J. Maples, general superintendent of Vinton Construction Company was elected to the board of directors, and named vice president. Martha Vinton remained secretary and a member of the board. Michael J. Maples, son of James, joined Vinton Construction Company in 1975 as a professional engineer.

In 1992, Robert L. Vinton retired and James J. Maples and Michael J. Maples were named president/treasurer and vice president/secretary respectively.

Also in 1992 Vinton Construction Company expanded and added both a sewer division and a grading division to the original paving operation. The sewer division installs water utilities, sanitary sewer utilities and storm sewer utilities. This portion of the company has five crews installing the corresponding pipe. The grading division as five large crews that complete larger site work and three smaller grading crews that prepares road surfaces prior to the placement of concrete. Grading crews may also follow the concrete crews that prepare road restoration of disturbed areas.

Acknowledging the growing need for facilities and offices in the Green Bay and Appleton market areas, Vinton Construction Company purchased land in Green Bay in 1999 and in the Appleton area in 2010. These locations are used for equipment maintenance, batch plant sites, office space and material storage.

In 2004 and 2005 Vinton Construction Company further diversified by adding demolition to the company’s services. During this same time period they also added an additional concrete crew specializing in colored and stamped concrete. These decorative concrete colors and patterns are often used in crosswalks of many municipal downtown areas, shopping malls and college campuses.

Recognizing the need for environmental action, Vinton Construction Company purchased their first concrete crusher in 2008. This allowed the company to not only create their own gravel but be environmentally friendly by repurposing old material rather than filling landfills with discarded material.

In 2009 Vinton Construction Company became the first company in the state to pave pathways and sidewalks with earth friendly recycled glass particles. Examples of this cutting edge work can be seen at the International Crane Foundation Site in Baraboo, WI. Although this facet of paving was a very small part of Vinton’s capabilities, it showcases the diversity of our talented paving crews.

In 2017 Vinton Construction Company gave up its Michigan license and incorporated solely in the state of Wisconsin. James J. Maples was named Chairman of the Board, Michael J. Maples named President and Treasurer, son Jeff Maples and son-in-law Richard Lamers were named Vice Presidents. Mary G. Maples is acting Secretary.

During the winter season of 2016-17, management addressed the lack of office space, conference rooms and storage at our Manitowoc office site. To alleviate this problem and join all our office staff at one location, Vinton Construction Company purchased St. Peter the Fisherman School building in Two Rivers, WI. In February, 2016 work began to transform the existing classrooms into new offices. This project also included creation of a large conference room, an exercise room, men’s and ladies’ locker rooms and an employee lounge.

Vinton Construction Company employs approximately 210 employees during the construction season, which typically runs from mid-April through early November. Vinton Construction Company is committed to continue to serve the state of Wisconsin by diversifying our services to meet the market needs and providing the award winning, quality product that Vinton Construction Company is known for, at a competitive and fair price.

1948 Washington Street Reconstruction, City of Manitowoc, Wisconsin

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